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 Americans for the Arts defines cultural districts as "well-recognized, labeled areas of a city in which a high concentration of cultural facilities and programs serve as the main anchor of attraction. They help strengthen local economies, create an enhanced sense of place, and deepen local cultural capacity."


In Greensburg, the ARTisTREE District encompasses a burgeoning area of the community and was designated by the Greensburg City Council in August of 2018.  A map of the district is linked below and includes the Tree County Playhouse as a western anchor and the Greensburg Public Library, Rebekah Park and the Greensburg Community High School at its eastern anchors. 

The District features of 40 cultural assets, more than 60 annual programs and 115 economic assets as determined in making application for designation as a State cultural district in 2018.  


Cultural districts such as ours are noted for bringing together a diverse collection of art-related assets and programming.  Take a photo, participate in the plein-air paint out, visit the gallery or museum, attend a festival, learn to paint, or create a piece of pottery.  Just stroll the streets and enjoy the historic architecture or learn about the area's history in numerous historic markers.  You can truly immerse yourself in the culture of the ARTisTREE District.



In late 2018, the Arts & Cultural Council of Decatur County was the recipient of a $12,000 grant from Duke Energy, to support the construction of a small amphitheater in Rebekah Park.  The amphitheater was one of two envisioned for the community in the 2016 Community Vision plan, and identified in the Strategic Investment Plan (SIP) when the City of Greensburg was named a Stellar Finalist in 2017.  Funding for the project was pursued jointly with the Stellar/TREEmendous Transformation team.  In 2019, the Tourism Board approved the allocation of funds to support the remainder of the facility construction.  A contract was executed by the Parks & Recreation Department in late October of 2019, with Hagerty Construction to construct the amphitheater, which should be ready for the 2020 season.

The initial construction drawings for the amphitheater are shown below and its approximate location noted on the aerial view of the Rebekah Park area.  The amphitheater will feature stone (approx. 6') and steel columns.  The stone will match the columns at the entry to Rebekah Park.  A matching stone half- wall at the rear of the stage area will hide the electrical panels and serve as a backdrop.  The amphitheater will feature a monoslope red roof, matching the remainder of the park facilities.  Owned by the Parks & Rec, it is hoped the venue can be used for everything from small concerts to library programming and even weddings!  It will be another valuable asset in the ARTisTREE District.





























In 2019, the Council has commissioned an outside firm, LOCI Creative, to conduct a Master Planning process for the district to help realize its full potential.  Public input is important and we encourage you take the survey linked below by November 1.

The survey is linked here.

Rebekah Park Overview

ARTisTREE District Map
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